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Interactive Training Module


New Main MDC Screen.png

•Allows user to navigate to various functions and data on the mobile

•Displays across the top of the device

•Provides access to essential information, functions, and other data




This button acts as a toggle that takes the user from the Internet page back to the CAD screen to use additional real estate on the mobile screen. Selecting CAD returns to normal screen sizing.



Displays the Internet page.  Activating this button allows users to use additional real estate on the mobile screen.  The results of this action cause the Internet screen to sit on top of the Dashboard. 


NOTE:  When the mobile unit is dispatched to an event while the Internet window is displayed, the Dispatch message and map display will automatically display. Selecting CAD returns to normal screen sizing.


Unit Status

Current unit status in the CAD system. This field is color-coded to match the status colors in use by the CAD system. Any mobile-generated status change is marked with an asterisk (*).

The mobile’s status is also updated if a dispatcher performs the action.


Unit ID

The call sign of the unit logged onto the CAD system.



Display of the current date.  Time is current to the second.


Connection Status to CAD

Indicates whether the mobile is communicating with CAD.

The default color is GREEN for the indication of communications with the CAD system.

The RED color indicates there is no communication with CAD.

Let's start by pressing the INTERNET button on the screen below. 

New Main MDC Screen.png